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Gourmet Chocolate Turtles and Unique Chocolate Gifts from Cocoa + Co. -- Gourmet Chocolate cafe and Coffee ShopGourmet Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Bars from Craft Chocolate Makers and Artisan Chocolatiers at Cocoa + Co. -- Gourmet Chocolate Store and Coffee ShopUnique Chocolate Gifts, Gourmet Chocolate Bonbons and Truffles at Cocoa + Co. -- Gourmet Chocolate Store and Coffee ShopGourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brownies and Pastries at Cocoa + Co. -- Boutique Coffee Shop and Gourmet Chocolate Store


Cocoa + Co. is a celebration of talented bean to bar chocolate artisans from Barcelona to Boston, offering gourmet chocolate in all its delectable forms. Pastries, bars, bonbons, drinking chocolates . . . whatever you’re craving, we've got the perfect fix.




April 30, 2019

Like many in the craft chocolate world, I've shied away from African cacao...except for bars made from Tanzania's Kakao Kamili beans.

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