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Events & Classes

There’s so much to learn about chocolate—and so many delicious things to taste at Cocoa + Co.! Come for a class or join us for one of our upcoming events.

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Rare Beans Tasting: Sunday 7/14 @ 3:00

Come taste hard-to-find bars made from some of the world’s most exclusive--and elusive--beans. Porcelana, genetically pure Nacional, wild cacao found only in the most remote regions of the jungle. We'll sample some of our best and learn about why chocolatiers go to amazing lengths to secure these rare beans. $25/person RSVP:  

3 Special Events for Chicago Tribune's Food Bowl:

Bubbles & Bonbons: Friday 8/23 @ 6:00

Could there be a more celebratory pairing than champagne and chocolate? We'll taste sparkling wines from around the globe, each matched to a hand-crafted treat from one of our favorite chocolatiers. Get Tickets $35/person

Chocolate for Change?: Sunday 8/25 @ 3:00

Who knew that carefully sourced cacao can foster positive change, not just fabulous flavor. Come taste selections from acclaimed artisans making a real difference. Get Tickets $25/person

Craft Beer & Chocolate: Friday 8/30 @ 6:00

So many people think the go-to pairing for chocolate is a big red wine. But ask a chocolate-maker and they'll say beer. Say what? We'll taste a selection of micro-brews with some micro-batch bars and bonbons so you can decide. Get Tickets $35/person