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Events & Classes

There’s so much to learn about chocolate—and so many delicious things to taste at Cocoa + Co.! Come for a class or join us for one of our upcoming events.

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Featured Maker--Brasstown Craft Chocolate: Sunday 8/26 @ 3:00

We're going to dive deep into the newest addition to our famous Wall of Bars: Salem, NC's Brasstown. Come taste through the line and learn what Rom Still and Barbara Price are doing to harness the flavors of small plantation cacao from across Central & South America.   $20/person 

Adventures in Chocolate: Sunday 9/16 @ 3:00

Chili? Olive? Absinthe? Who knew chocolate was such a versatile partner for unusual flavors.  Artisan chocolatiers are experimenting with combinations inspired by both history and new culinary trends, always looking for ways to bring out cacao's complex characteristics. Come taste some unexpectedly yummy pairings! $20/person 

Rare Beans: Sunday 9/30 @ 3:00

Come taste hard-to-find bars made from some of the world's most exclusive--and elusive--beans. Our Wall of Bars includes selections crafted from the prized Porcelana bean, genetically pure Nacional found only in a remote mountain canyon, Criollo from the famed Chuao plantation, even wild cacao farmed during once-a-year floods. We'll sample some of our best and learn about why chocolatiers go to amazing lengths to secure these rare beans. $25/person

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