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Events & Classes

There’s so much to learn about chocolate—and so many delicious things to taste at Cocoa + Co.! Come for a class or join us for one of our upcoming events.

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Dark Milk? Say What???: Sunday 10/28 @ 3:00

How much chocolate is in those milk candy bars we grew up with? Less than 15%. Semi-Sweet starts around 60%.  Until recently there was nothing in between.  Today some of the best craft chocolate makers are filling the void and the results are converting many of us who’ve lived on the dark side. Taste for yourself and see how they're balancing the unique flavors of each origin with the classic caramel notes that milk brings to the category.   $20/person 

"Terroir"--The Taste of Place: Sunday 11/18 @ 3:00

Just like wine, chocolate expresses distinctive flavors depending on origin and variety. But most of us don’t stop to consider where the beans for our chocolate are grown, or which strain of cacao they are. Don’t worry, we’re not out to complicate one of life’s greatest pleasures. This is one case where a little knowledge can really enhance the experience. Come hone your palate as we taste or way across the globe.  $20/person

Boozy Bars & Bonbons: Sunday 12/16 @ 3:00

We're getting into the Holiday spirit with alcohol-inflected craft chocolate confections! Each selection, created by artisan makers, feature a different spirit. The trick is to augment, not overpower the chocolate. We'll explore how each flavor accentuates a particular characteristic of chocolate. It will be a fun way to kick-off the Yuletide festivities! $20/person 

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