Gourmet Craft Chocolate Monthly Subscription Box

Every month we'll send a curated box of delectable goodies celebrating the creativity of craft chocolate makers from all over the globe. It could be a selection of hard-to-find bars, thick and rich European-style drinking chocolate, or handcrafted bonbons that look like miniature works of art. Sophisticated toffees? Creative confections? Gourmet barks? With a collection of exclusive products from the world’s most acclaimed artisan chocolatiers, there’s no end to the possibilities! 

Whether you're sending a gift or treating yourself, each month's selection is sure to delight!

$27-31/month*. Pricing reflects a built-in discount of 8%-15%  

Need to take allergies or dietary constraints into consideration? Contact us at info@cocoaandco.com and we’ll be happy to create custom assortments.

*Pricing does not include shipping. To ensure your chocolate doesn't melt in warm weather months and climates, we use cold packs and avoid shipping mid-June through mid-September. 

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