About Cocoa + Co.

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Come explore The Chocolate Life!

There has never been a more thrilling time to be an adventurous gourmet chocolate lover. The last decade has seen an explosion of pastry chefs and chocolatiers from Barcelona to Boston. They are experimenting with technique and flavor, finding the best ingredients and forging partnerships with local growers. They are constantly challenging convention and constraints, and the results are ever changing, exciting, and always delectable.

Cocoa + Co. is a celebration of talented gourmet chocolate artisans

We select their best work and most exceptional origins, bringing their stories to you. Our mission is to curate a journey of chocolate discovery that is nuanced, beguiling and infinitely delicious.

Born of a life-long obsession with all things chocolate

Cocoa + Co. is a dream that’s taken more than ten years to become reality. While working with winemakers like Michel Chapoutier and Angelo Gaja, owner Kim Hack learned the importance of place, varietal and craftsmanship, and recognized the correlation with gourmet chocolate. She began to long for a gathering place where chocolate lovers could fuel their passion through exploration, tasting and interaction in the same way wine lovers do at neighborhood merchants and cafes. Cocoa + Co. is exactly the spot Kim always dreamed of hanging out in.

gourmet chocolate bars from Marou Chocolate