Explore Chocolate

The Story of Chocolate

Chocolate, like wine, can be appreciated on so many levels. At its most basic, it’s purely hedonistic. Delicious. Luxurious. Sublimely comforting. Why give it more thought?

Simply, because knowing a bit about varietal, origin and process will help you decipher clues about chocolate’s quality and flavor. And understanding its long history and how it is grown provides a fascinating backdrop that enriches each bite. Chocolate is where knowledge, culinary curiosity and taste are delectably entwined.


Bean Varietal: Not all cacao
is created equal—some is
better by birth.


History: Chocolate has beguiled
cultures throughout history.
The Cacao Tree: Fascinating
and odd, the cacao tree is
unlike anything you’ve seen.
Origin: The importance of
place isn’t just for wine.

Process: From bean to bar,
how it’s made impacts
how it tastes.


Chocolate + Health: Not like
we needed an excuse to eat
chocolate, but . . .