Sustainability: The Key To World Class Chocolate

Based in Amsterdam, Original Beans is one of the most acclaimed chocolate companies in the world, and not just because of their chocolate. Founder Philipp Kauffmann is both an entrepreneur and conservationist who comes from a long line of forest explorers and environmentalists.
After leaving his job at the United Nations, Philipp drew on that experience to create an elite chocolate company that positively impacts the fragile regions where cacao is grown. “Since 2008, Original Beans has helped to plant one-million trees in regions as remote as the Amazon and challenging as Eastern Congo. Original Beans has changed the lives of 20,000 cacao-growing families, preserved some of the rarest cacaos in the world, and helped to buffer forests that harbor the last mountain gorillas and the breathtaking birds of paradise.”

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Chocolatier Profile: Daniel Herskovic, Mayana Chocolate

Renowned chocolatier Daniel Herskovic began his career in chocolate when he started making truffles as take-home gifts for clients.

“I spent a lot of time as a caterer and private chef,” says Herskovic. “I would do multi-course dinner parties and wanted to create a gift for guests to take home, so I made them boxes of truffles. When I was first starting out, they were huge, like golf balls. Then I started to really learn about my craft, and studied with some of the best chocolatiers in the United States and France. I really loved it.”

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