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You’ll often hear us talk about “Provisions for the Chocolate Life” at Cocoa + Co. Yes, you’ll find an unprecedented wealth of chocolate and chocolate-related items at our shop in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood. But that’s only part of what we mean.

The Chocolate Life is rich and filled with pleasures to be savored, not just yummy things to eat. The Chocolate Life is mindful, enhanced by learning, and curiosity is rewarded with endless adventure. It’s a life of conviviality, celebration and warmth. The Chocolate Life is the good life, lived large.

So, if we’re truly going to encourage living The Chocolate Life, we know that it takes more than simply stocking your pantry. We’ll take you along on chocolate’s journey from bean to bar, introduce you to passionate artisans, and tell you where to find our favorite chocolate-related places for your travels. We’ll bring you into our kitchens and share the chocolate creations we’re serving friends and family. And we’ll invite you to become part of our community of chocolate lovers, tasting limited edition treats, meeting some of our knowledgeable guests, and joining us for events celebrating The Chocolate Life.

We’ll be doing all that and more right here, so stay tuned. If we have but one life to live, shouldn’t it be The Chocolate Life?

kim hack
kim hack