Naive PEANUT BUTTER 47% Dark Milk Bar

This dark milk chocolate bar bursts with nutty flavor. So good that maker, Domantas Uzpalis claims it's crafted by the Devil himself. Who are we to argue?

Ingredients: cacao, cane sugar, cacao butter, peanuts (20%), grass-fed milk powder, sea salt; all wild or naturally farmed

Gluten-Free; Soy-Free; 

In the tiny town of Giedraičiai, in eastern Lithuania, Domantas Užpalis creates unique chocolates blending tradition with instinct and innovation. Naive is one of just a few bean-to-bar makers across Europe. In his small farmhouse workshop, Domantas takes carefully selected beans through the labor-intensive steps to make his exquisite bars, often combining ingredients foraged from the forests nearby, milk from the town's grass-fed cows and spices from afar to realize his singular vision. 

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