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Pumpkin Hot Cocoa Demo for National Chocolate Day

Cocoa + Co, Chicago
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Chocolate Galore

Catie finds out what’s chocolate and delicious in Old Town


Cocoa + Co. for Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts
"Beautifully packaged gift boxes containing a variety of chocolate bars, drinking chocolates, etc. A selection of jewel-like individual chocolates, each tiny works of art."



Tea Parties to Appreciate in Chicago
"Guests will enjoy a selection of Cocoa + Co.’s house-made scones and an array of signature pastries before sampling bonbons created by featured chocolatiers, then finishing with a sampler of decadent drinking chocolates”


Savor Cocoa + Co.
“For those of you who adore chocolate ( and I'm pretty sure that's most of you ) Cocoa + Co. is an adventure in pleasure”.

Cocoa + Co Aims to Satisfy Old Town Chocoholics With Gale Gand’s Goods
“The goal’s to make Cocoa + Co. a treatment center for chocoholics of all varieties”.

They Have Spoons Filled with Chocolate
"Shhh. It’s okay. Everything’s going to be okay now. Cocoa + Co.’s new café suddenly exists, and it’s got 175-plus chocolate bars, many confectionary delights and made-to-order spoonfuls of melted chocolate."

1,000 Square Feet of Chocolate In Every Form Coming to Wells Street
“…stocked with chocolate from around the world, in all its various forms. That means drinking chocolate; bonbons made by more than 35 chocolatiers from Amsterdam to Vermont, and confections made specifically for the shop…”

New in Town: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Cocoa + Co.
“At her new Old Town store, you’ll find freshly baked creations from celebrity chefs Malika Ameen and Gale Gand; the work of 35 artisanal chocolatiers from around the globe (including the astounding Recchiuti Confections from San Francisco and London’s Artisan du Chocolat); coffee, tea and decadent drinking chocolates and a plethora of packaged goods to tempt the palate—and the sweet tooth.”

Chicago's 10 Best Restaurant and Bar Openings in May
“This one-stop shop for chocolaty provisions positions itself as having “ ‘Chicago’s largest collection of gourmet chocolate products.’ ”