The perfect gift for the chocolate-loving entertainer! Each box holds a curated selection of four craft-made chocolate bars and directions to a private web portal. It's a treasure trove of all the things they'll need to host the event, like info about the tasting theme, the chocolate makers and bars, how to set the tasting up, even beautiful tasting mats for tabletop presentation. All you have to do is pick the theme:

  • The Taste of Place: Just like wine, the taste of chocolate is influenced by where it’s grown. Enjoy a range of flavors in this selection of single-origin bars from one of France’s Master Chocolatiers.
  • Adventures in Chocolate: Today’s craft makers are creating new combinations with the addition of ingredients like savory spices or using techniques honed in the distillery. We’ve selected some of our favorites from all over the world.
  • Women in Chocolate: Most of the craft chocolate makers across the globe are men, and so the handful of exceptional women in the industry often get lost when we talk about the category as a whole. This curated kit celebrates female growers and makers. Learning their stories and see how the work they’re doing right now fits into the arc of chocolate history. 

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