Our first two dates sold out in just a few hours! Join us for this 3rd fun and tasty virtual event! We'll learn about the history of chocolate, where it grows, how craft chocolate is made and throughout it all, we'll be tasting those yummy little squares from all over the cacao-growing world. It's called a "Terroir Tasting"--the French term for Taste of Place. If you thought all chocolate tastes the same, you'll see just how wrong you were! 

Here's how it will work. Purchase one mini tasting kit/class package per person by midnight Wednesday 5/27 (if we don't sell out sooner!). We'll ship this nifty little stack of chocolates from different origins out to you in time for our virtual class on the Tuesday June 9th. We'll send you an email in advance with an invitation to join in on Zoom at 4:30 CST. Then the good part starts!

$30 price includes virtual class + 10 pieces of single origin chocolate ($37 value). Shipping is an additional $14 or, if you're local, select store pick-up.

Vegan; Gluten-Free; Nut-Free; Dairy-Free

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