This is the first single-estate white chocolate bar ever made. Crafted from cocoa butter pressed on the Akesson plantation in Madagascar's Sambirano River Valley. At 43%, the high level of cocoa butter, touch of milk powder and choice not to chemically deodorise ensures a complex flavor and rich mouth-feel. 

Ingredients: Organic cocoa butter, organic milk powder, organic sugar

Gluten-Free; Nut-Free; Vegan

Bertil Åkesson is a luminary in the world of fine chocolate. His family’s extensive plantations in Madagascar’s Sambirano Valley have provided exceptional beans to the world’s top chocolatiers for years. However, it’s only fairly recently that he decided to produce his own line of chocolate, featuring flavorful strains of cacao from his newest plantations in Bali and Brazil as well as the famed Madagascar holdings. Each bar is a pristine example of Terroir and careful craftsmanship.

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